An Attempt at a Desperation Story

Here is a story I’ve been working on every once in a while when I’m in the mood. Please note that I don’t do character development for these things… all I do for pee stories is attempt to create an atmosphere and show the sensations of the main character. Expect typos galore, as I don’t pay much attention when I write pee stories. *cough cough*

Twenty minutes into the test and Bree couldn’t concentrate. On the outside, she looked like every other high school senior in the room trying to sort out of the problems on the test, yet other, more subtle signs gave away the source of her distraction. Her legs were very deliberatly pressed closer together than needed to maintain a comfortable test-taking position. Occasionally, one leg would cross over the other and entwine even more firmly together before returning to their original positions. Her left hand, the one not holding her pancil, would occasionally slip underneath her desk and innocently between her thighs, or else stiffly grasp her bouncing knee. This was done in a totally abscent-minded manner and for no more than couple of seconds before being replaced back on the desk.

The source of Bree’s anxiety wasn’t anxiety about the test, but a severe need to relieve her bladder. Normally she would have excused herself during the class period, but the teacher had a strict rule that students couldn’t leave the room during tests until they were done with it. If they left the room for any reason, they were couldn’t continue the test – period. It was actually a school-wide rule, but some teachers enforced it more than others.

Bree wished she had remembered the policy a few hours ago. On a normal day, Bree constantly sipped from a water bottle which she refilled between classes. Despite the amount of water she consumed, Bree usually didn’t find herself in uncomfortable situations, as she could hold it for quite a while before she started squirming. She could even wait a couple of classes before going to the bathroom if need be. For this reason, Bree hadn’t peed when she had a chance during her last class even though she had drunk a fair amount. Not only this, but Bree had also drunk about a bottle and a half of water during lunch the lunch period, which was right before the test. Now she had to struggle through the test with her concentration constantly faltering due to her need to pee.

Another fifteen minutes inched by. Bree’s test was covered in erase marks and only a little over half the problems were finished. By this time, her legs were tightly crossed around each other, as her need to pee had grown considerably worse. By now, all she could think about was relieving herself. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer before she started leaking into her form-fitting denim shorts. Her mind wandering, her bladder achingly full, her gaze traveled across the room. She felt as if her bladder were so full, everyone else could see the bulge in her abdomen and was secretly laughing at her. She crossed her legs tighter under her desk, knowing her bladder wouldn’t be able to take much more torment.

` In her distraction, Bree didn’t even notice Jessica stand up very suddenly, hand her test in, and leave the room in the rush. Had she been paying better attention, she might have noticed the panicked look on the other girl’s face, the several streams of piss that dribbled down her legs as soon as she stood up, and the knock-kneed way she rushed across the room in a hurry to leave. But Bree’s desperation was reaching a critical point. The problems on the sheet of paper in front of her made little sense anymore as she fought the urge to just let go into her shorts. She found herself grasping her crotch in the middle of class, her crossed legs bouncing furiously. Shocked and embarrassed, she winced and took her hand away, wondering how many people had noticed. Knowing that she would not be able to complete the test or get any of the answers right in her present situation, she decided to turn it in and find the bathroom.

As she walked across the room, Bree shuddered as a small dribble of pee escaped into her panties. The sudden warmth shocked her, and she fought the impulse to grasp her crotch again. Her muscular thighs and ass clenching to prevent anything else from coming out, she hobbled to the teacher’s desk (who, luckily, was using the time to catch up on grading and did not catch Bree’s awkward gait), deposited her test, and left the room.

As soon as she faced the empty hallway, Bree held herself again and noticed the crotch of her shorts was slightly damp, but the wetness wouldn’t be visible. Praying no one she knew would happen to be wondering the halls at the time, she rushed in short, awkward steps down the hall, massaging her groin. She couldn’t believe how badly she had to pee. Her rock-hard bladder made a small swell in her tight shorts it was so full of piss. As she neared the entrance to the ladies’ room, she felt the fabric of her shorts dampen against her hand as a short spurt escaped. She blushed bright red, knowing that her indiscretion would surely leave a visible spot on her clothes. But at least she was now very close to being able to relieve herself. In preparation, she used one hand to unbutton her shorts, still holding herself with the other. She burst into the restroom, frantically struggling against her bladder, and rushed into nearest stall. While she locked the door, her panties grew wetter as she was unable to stop from peeing into them. She tugged hopelessly at her shorts, trying to pull them down despite her tightly-crossed legs. The small dark spot on her groin expanded rapidly as the denim became soaked with piss. Finally she freed herself from her shorts, though her white cotton panties remained trapped in the iron grip of her legs, but that was as much as she could hope for. Gasping in euphoria, she practically fell onto the toilet and released her bladder into her panties. Despite her burning shame, the sensation of peeing straight into her panties on the toilet astounded her. As she continued to pee furiously, she realized her nipples were hard and that her clit was throbbing in arousal. Bree was immediately repulsed. Here she was, pissing into her underwear while sitting on the toilet, and she was turned on!

Bree quickly examined the damage to her shorts. The wet spot easily showed on her crotch and spread part-way down the thighs. There was no way to hide it. And she wasn’t going to her next class wearing obviously peed-in shorts. She’d have to skip the rest of the day. 


A daring accident at a rest area! She must have really had to piss!


A black and white photo of a girl with pee trickles on her legs.


A sexy photo taken on the beach.


One of the girls got stung by a jellyfish, so the other pees on her foot to neutralize the poison. 


Another accident! Oops!


Another shot of the cute girl with wet panties!


Cute, soaking wet panties!


A schoolgirl had an embarrassing accident outside her school!


Taking a pee in a hot tub with another girl!